Children's Gasparilla Extravaganza

Gasparilla Preschooler’s Stroll Presented by Lowry Park Zoo

Important Information about the
2018 Gasparilla Preschooler’s Stroll:

1) Stroll will start at 1:30pm on January 20, 2018.
2) Stroll will start at HOWARD AVENUE and end at ROME AVENUE

In 2005, the Children’s Gasparilla Extravaganza launched its newest tradition – the Gasparilla Preschooler’s Stroll! The Gasparilla Preschooler’s Stroll was designed to give children five and under an opportunity to experience parade-style fun in a venue that is conducive for the youngest of pirates!

The Stroll is only ½ mile along Bayshore Blvd., from Howard Ave. to Rome Ave. The costumed participants are given time to strut their stuff down Bayshore in piratical preschool style – in a decorated wagon or stroller, or on a festive tricycle or bicycle!

The Gasparilla Preschooler’s Stroll is open to the public. Participants must be in pirate-themed attire and must be accompanied by an adult. Motorized vehicles of any sort are NOT permitted in the Gasparilla Preschooler’s Stroll.

Please click to download the 2018 Preschooler’s Stroll Application. Registrations must be received in the EventFest office by January 5, 2018. In order for EventFest to plan the appropriate space needed for staging, you must register your preschooler.

There will be NO WALK-UPS ADMITTED into the 2018 Gasparilla Preschooler’s Stroll the day of the Event.