Ashley HomeStore Children’s Gasparilla Presented by Chick-fil-A Tampa Bay


Turn your eyes to the skies as the Gasparilla Air Invasion is back in 2020 with it’s largest airshow yet! With acts ranging from civilian aerobatic teams to vintage military aircraft to the USSOCOM Parachute Demonstration Team, the show is sure to impress aviation aficionados and novices alike. The show will begin at 12:00pm and run through the start of the Children’s Gasparilla Parade at 3:30pm. Be sure to stick around for the nighttime air invasion show as the USSOCOM Para-commandos perform a twilight jump followed by Ghostwriter Airshows and their signature fireworks flight!


2020 Air Invasion Performers

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This is Lima Lima’s 32nd show season. Over 30 years ago, founding members of the team, well seasoned in formation flight began to experiment with advanced formation aerobatic flying. They began with formation loops, and since then evolved into a full aerobatic demonstration team. We hope you enjoy the tapestry in the sky made possible by the precise formation flying of the Lima Lima pilots.

United States Special Operations Command Parachute Team

The Para-Commandos are the US Special Operations Command’s premier aerial parachute demonstration team.  They perform at high visibility events across the nation, informing the public about the US Special Operations Command; the command’s mission, and the contributions our 70,000 plus Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Department of Defense Civilians are making across the United States and in more than 70 countries around the globe.

TP-40N Warhawk “American Dream" - Thom Richard

The P-40 is a World War II legend made famous by the First American Volunteer Group, better known as the “Flying Tigers”, who took to the sky in shark-faced fighters. American pilots flying the P-40 battled the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. Although she primarily served as a training aircraft, “American Dream” is a true war hero, with two confirmed “kills” and one unconfirmed “kill”.

The single-engine P-40 Warhawk made its debut in 1939 and was one of the premier aircraft flown by Allied Forces in World War II. Some know the P-40 as the “Tomahawk” or “Kittyhawk”.

Ghostwriter Airshows

Nathan Hammond joined SkyDancer Airshows in 1998, quickly learning the techniques and nuances of Skywriting and Airshow flying.  Today, Nathan flies the Super Chipmunk, the GhostWriter, in both daytime and nighttime airshows; as well as skywriting across the nation.

Nathan will be doing his signature skywriting in the afternoon beginning at 12:00. Later on in the afternoon, he will perform his full aerobatic routine. To round out the day, Nathan will perform his signature nighttime fireworks show as part of our “Piratechnic Finale”!

Extra 300's - Formation Flight

Enjoy these colorful Extra 300 aircraft in low level formation flight with their signature smoke passes!